Report a Concern or Request a Service

Mailbox Damaged by Snowplow or Mailbox Post Installation
Use the mailbox post request form to report damaged done by snowplow or to request a new installation.

Report a Dead Animal
Use this form to report a dead animal on a county road.

Report a Sign Issue
Use this form for sign issues, such as missing or damaged signs.  To report sign knockdowns during business hours, call our office at 218-745-4381.  Outside of business hours, please call the sheriff's department at 218-745-5411.

Calcium Chloride Application
Print this document and mail in for Calcium Chloride Application.  Calcium Chloride Applications are due in the spring, typically before May 1st, and calcium chloride is applied to the roads in June as weather permits.

ADA Complaint Form
Print this document and mail in to our office.

Weather and Loads:  The Effect They Have on Roads