Marshall County Assessor's Office

208 East Colvin Ave, Suite 13 Warren, MN 56762
Phone: 218-745-5331
Fax: 218-745-4338

Assessor: Russ Steer

Appraiser: Dave Clark

Appraiser: Alison Wall

Assessment & Technology Specialist: Leanne Novacek

Assistant Assessment & Technology Specialist: Liz Dustin

Department Description:

The Assessor's Office is responsible for the assessment of all real, personal and exempt property in Marshall County.

Assessments are made by appraisal staff from the Marshall County Assessor's office or by local certified assessors.   They review assessments on approximately 13,000 parcels of property located in 48 townships and 11 cities. It is their responsibility to estimate the market value for tax purposes and to classify property based on its principle use, such as residential, agricultural, seasonal or commercial. Other duties include determining which properties are subject to taxation and which qualify for homestead classification.

Values are established as of January 2 of each year.  The sale prices of properties that are sold are compared with their assessed values to determine whether the assessed values of the district meets state requirements. Notices are mailed to each property owner in the spring of each year advising the owner of the property value and classification and the process to appeal if the owner disagrees.

Properties which are occupied as a primary residence by the owner, or a qualified relative of the owner, may qualify for homestead. Property owners should contact the County Assessor's office and fill out a homestead application. Homestead is a property tax reduction intended to keep taxes lower on owner/qualified relative occupied homes.

Disabled and Blind property owners may apply to the County Assessor's Office for a reduction on their real estate taxes.

United States military veterans may be eligible for a market value exclusion on their homestead property if they have a service-connected disability of 70 percent or more.

Please contact the County Assessor's office for all necessary applications.

For more information on Minnesota Property tax, visit the Department of Revenue's website at www.revenue.state.mn.us.


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