Marshall County Recorder
Registrar of Titles

Vital Statistic Registrar
County Abstracter

208 E Colvin Ave, Suite 7
Warren MN 56762

Phone: 218-745-4801
Fax: 218-745-5013
Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday

Marshall County Recorder Employees:


Beverly Lydeen - Marshall County Recorder
Linda Hamrick - Chief Deputy County Recorder
Mary Hamm - Deputy County Recorder
Kim Haugtvedt - Deputy County Recorder

MACO Mission Statement

To protect, preserve, and record document relating to Real Estate, Uniform Commercial Code and Vital Statistics in a methodical manner for posterity and security purposes. To serve the public in a prompt, courteous and effective manner.

The Recorders office provides the following services:



All real estate transaction are recorded at the Recorder’s Office.

Fees are as follows:
Record any document - $46.00
Multiple filing fee for satisfactions, partial releases and assignments - $10.00 per document listed after 4
Plat Filing - $56.00
Fees for Torrens documents are the same as above. Additional charges will be collected for multiple certificate entries, Residue Certificates, Exchange Certificates, CECT Plats, Amendments, etc.
Please call the Recorder’s Office for questions.

Examiner of Titles: David J. Meyers


For all deeds with a State Deed Tax over $1.65, you must disclose whether or not there is a well on the property. One of the following statements should be added to the deed:

- A well disclosure certificate accompanies this document.
- The seller certifies that the seller does not know of any wells on the described real property.
- I am familiar with the property described in this instrument, and I certify that the statutes and number of wells on the described real property has not changed since the last previously filed well disclosure certificate.

Well Disclosure

A $50 fee is required to file a well certificate. All wells must be disclosed regardless of the number of wells on the property.




The Recorder’s Office is a local Registrar of the Vital Records for Minnesota Department of Health.
For certified Birth and Death Certificates, an application proving tangible interest must be completed. Minnesota Statute, Section 144.225, subdivision 7. (Birth Certificate Application)
(Death Certificate Application)

- If applying by mail, you must complete the application, sign it before a notary and send it in with the proper fees (see below). If applying in person, please complete the application and show proof of identity.

Birth Certificates

Minnesota birth certificates from 1900 to present are available at any courthouse in Minnesota. For Minnesota births prior to 1900, please contact the county in which the person was born.

Fees for Birth Certificates:
*Certified copies - $26.00 for the first copy and $19.00 for each additional copy needed at the same time.

*Non-certified copies - $13.00

Death Certificates

Minnesota death certificates from 1997 to present are available at any courthouse in Minnesota. For Minnesota deaths prior to 1997, please contact the county in which the person died.

Fees for Death Certifiates:
*Certified and non-certified copies - $13.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for each additional copy needed at the same time.

Marriage Certificates

Marriage Certificates are available at the Recorder’s office only for those couples who applied for their license in Marshall County. Call or write with your request. Please provided full names and date of marriage.

Marriage Certificate Fees:
*Certified copies - $9.00 each

*Non-certified copies - $9.00 each

Marriage License

Marriage licenses are available at the Record’s Office. Applicants must complete an application, provide social security numbers and have a picture ID when applying.

Marriage License Fee: $115.00
Proof of Pre-marital classes submitted in format required by MN Statutes reduces the fee to $40
MN Statute 517.08 subdivision lb (b)

There is a 5 day waiting period after applying before the Marriage license will be issued. After the marriage license is issued, it is valid for 6 months.



In Marshall County the County Recorder is also the abstracter for the county. An Abstracter compiles all the records pertaining to a certain piece of property in an abbreviated form. This is called an Abstract. The Recorder creates new abstracts as well as continuing existing abstracts.

The Mashall County Recorder's office also provides Registered Property Abstracts, also known as Conditions of Registers.

Title Searches can also be obtained from the Marshall County Recorders's Office.