Marshall County, MN

District 2 Commissioner Rolland Miller

District 2 includes: City of Alvarado, City of Argyle, City of Oslo, Big Woods Township, Bloomer Township, Middle River Township, Oak Park Township, Vega Township, Warrenton Township

RollandRolland Miller
26817 420th Avenue NW
Warren, MN 56762

Home phone: 701-739-7396
Email address:

Current term expires: January 2025

Served on County Board since: 2013

2022 Committee Appointments:
Association of Minnesota Counties Member
County Park (alternate)
Counties Providing Technology
Employee Benefit
Law Library
MST Watershed Advisory
Marshall-Beltrami JD 11
Marshall-Beltrami JD 21
Marshall-Roseau JD 19
Marshall-Kittson State Ditch 90 (alternate)
Marshall-Kittson JD 27 (alternate)
Marshall County Affordable Loan Program
Marshall County Board of Health
Marshall County Planning Commission
Marshall County Family Service Collaborative (Corrections)
Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board (alternate)
Alluma (alternate)
Personnel Policy
Recorder's Compliance
Regional Development Transportation Advisory & Bridge (alternate)
Water Resources Advisory