Marshall County, MN

Where Do I Vote?


The following precincts located in Marshall County have elected to vote by mail ballot procedure in statewide elections as authorized under Minnesota Statues 204B.45.    If you are a resident of one of the following townships or cities and are registered to vote, you will automatically be mailed a ballot.

Agder, Alma, Augsburg, Big Woods, Bloomer, Boxville, Cedar, Como, Comstock, Donnelly, Eagle Point, East Park, East Valley, Eckvoll, Espelie, Excel, Foldahl, Fork, Grand Plain, Holt, Huntly, Lincoln, Linsell, Marsh Grove, McCrea, Middle River, Moose River, Moylan, Nelson Park, New Folden, New Maine, New Solum, Oak Park, Parker, Rollis, Sinnott, Spruce Valley, Tamarac, Thief Lake, Valley, Vega, Veldt, Viking, Wanger, Warrenton, West Valley, Whiteford, Wright

Alvarado, Grygla, Holt, Middle River, Newfolden, Oslo, Stephen, Strandquist, Viking

If you live in one of the following precincts, you will vote at the poll place on election day.  You do have the option to vote early by absentee ballot.  Click here for more information on early voting. 

Argyle, Warren