Marshall County, MN

Mailbox Support

Mailbox Support Installation or Repair

If you prefer to print out and mail the form, please CLICK HERE for a printable form.  You can mail the printed form to Marshall County Hwy Dept, 447 S Main, Warren, MN 56762.
We accept cash or check.  Payment of $50.00 must be made before the work order form is given to install/repair the mailbox post. 

The online form may be filled out on this page and we will hold the request until payment is received by mail. 

These Townships pay for Mailbox Supports: Eckvoll | Holt | Huntly | Nelson Park | New Solum
Parker | Sinnott | Viking | West Valley | Vega | Bloomer (pays ½) 

See the mailbox support policy HERE.

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Directions & Details (If new installation, how will spot be marked?: