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Your Safety is Our Job
The Marshall County Highway Department is one of the more visible departments in the county.  Most of us have seen the orange trucks plowing snow in the winter and have noticed various construction-related activites in the summer on our highway system.

The department is responsible for all activites involving Marshall County's 851 mile County Highway system.  This system is split into 623 miles of County State Aid Highways and 16 miles of Municipal State Aid Highways (which are financed mostly by state-aid gas tax funds and federal funds), and 212 miles of County Roads (which are financed only by local property tax).  About 274 bridges under county jurisdiction are also included on these routes.  Personnel in the organization (totalling 25 full-time) are divided into four main divisions:
  • Engineering Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • Fleet Services/Shop Divison
  • Highway Accounting

Most Requested Info
Mailbox Installation/Repair
Ditch Cleaning
Moving Permit
Calcium Chloride Application
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Load Limits 2019 - PDF Document