The Marshall County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the adoption of the Marshall County Buffer Ordinance and amending the Marshall County Shoreland Ordinance. The hearing will be conducted on September 21, 2017, at 9:00am in Meeting Room 1 of the Marshall County Courthouse.  The Planning Commission will make a recommendation on the adoption of the Ordinances to the County Board of Commissioners for final review at a regularly scheduled board meeting on October 3, 2017, at 9:10am.

The Marshall County Buffer Ordinance is proposed for adoption in order to meet the requirements of MN Statutes 103B101, Subd,12a and MN Statutes 103F.48. The Buffer Ordinance identifies the width of buffer areas required on public ditches as shown on a buffer protection map, describes how to measure the buffer width, explains the uses that are allowed within the buffer area, allowed exemptions to the buffer requirements and alternative buffer practices. The remainder of the Ordinance explains how the County will handle complaints, noncompliance issues and enforcement.

 The above is only a summary; a full text is available for public review at the Marshall County Environmental Services Office during regular business hours. A copy of the proposed Buffer Ordinance can also be viewed in its entirety on the Marshall County website at Comments can be submitted in writing to the Marshall County Environmental Services Office: 208 E. Colvin Ave. Ste. 5, Warren, MN 56762, by facsimile (218) 745-8801, or by e-mail to before 4:00pm on September 19, 2017. Please include a full name and complete mailing address with all correspondences.